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布の在庫、余剰、裁ち屑な ど廃棄されたファッション材料を活用され、生気を与えられ、美しくて着用できるコレクションは今回スローダウン東京のテーマです。今までの織物とファッ ション産業は大量な汚染物が排出されるため、このコンセプトによって、不要な織物生産が削減でき、エネルギーと水などを節約でき、環境に貢献していきたい と思います。
Slow Down - - - Tokyo

Slow Down Tokyo is an environmental-conscious concept to introduce sustainability to fashion design, by bringing artistic craftsmanship and giving life to discarded materials.

Slow Down Tokyo is about the pleasure to desire. Each piece of the collection is unique and special, that will never be the same, and is something worth waiting for.

The concept of Slow Down Tokyo is to utilize discarded fashion materials, such as stock, designer surplus and production off-cuts, and give them a new lease of life to turn into beautiful and wearable art pieces. Textile and fashion industry has long been producing much pollutants, where our concept is to reduce any unnecessary textile production, and contribute back to the environment by saving energy and water.

Slow Down Tokyo is a collection that sustains our environment and earth. In style.

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